Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Black Lives Matters and Social Justice: Reflections for Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education

It is essential to recognize and celebrate all of our students and each of their own personal identities. This means that physical educators, like all educators, must make a conscious effort to welcome students from all backgrounds. Due in part to the recent Black Lives Matters (BLM) Movement highlighting inequalities within our healthcare, education, and criminal justice systems, we dedicated  an episode to discuss this movement and social justice. For this podcast had on two scholars with expertise in social justice in the fields of physical education and adapted physical education. More specifically, we discuss the role of race within physical education, how disability and race intersects, critical race pedagogy, and how continue this discussion moving forward. In addition, Clark's (2020) recent paper entitled "Toward a critical race pedagogy of physical education" was used to guide this conversation. 

This podcast features two panelists: Dr. Langston Clark (@LangstonDClark) who is an assistant professor of physical education at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Dr. Samuel Hodge who is a full professor of physical education and adapted physical education at The Ohio State University. Both of the panelists are accomplished scholars within the fields of social justice and physical education. To read more about this topic, suggested readings authored by the panelists are listed below:
1. Contemporary Issues of Social Justice: A Focus on Race and Physical Education in the United States (Harrison Jr. & Clark, 2016)
2. The Way They Care: An Ethnography of Social Justice Physical Education Teacher Education (Clark, 2019)
3. Remember the titans: The lived curriculum of Black physical education teacher education scholars in the U.S. (Clark et al., 2019)
4. Ideological Repositioning: Race, Social Justice, and Promise (Hodge, 2014)